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Frequently asked questions


How big is your team?

Firefly is powered by a man on a mission, Dylan. You'll have one point of contact for your project, from enquiry to launch. Read about our story on our About page.


What’s your typical cost for a website?

Website design costs vary depending on a number of factors such as number of pages and complexity of design. We try our best to cater for everybody, with quotes typically ranging from £500 to £4500.


How do i keep up to date with my project?

Once you book a website design project with us, we'll set you up with your very own Firefly Project Portal. From here, we'll be able to collaborate on your project.


What is the typical timeline for a website design?

A typical project spans around 12 weeks. However it is dependant on the project size. We've launched websites in as little as 24 hours before!