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We Are Firefly Digital UK

Looking for a website for you business but don't have the time or large budget? You're in the right place.


Our core business mission is to make websites more affordable and accessible to ALL businesses, not just the ones with big marketing budgets! Every business, regardless of size, deserves an amazing website.

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What we do

Mobile Responsive websites for all devices

Web Design

Your website has got to look the part. That's why we strive for the best quality and user experience possible,

E-commerce online store solutions


Whether you’re looking to sell to a local, national or international audience, we can help get your products and services out there to your target market.

Web Maintenence

Web Maintenance

Ongoing updates from a team who care and understand your business and website. We are hear to guide you through the whole journey

Web hosting and support

Hosting and Support

Hosting and Support in included in all of our plans. If you have any questions or need assistance managing you site, we are here to help!

Websites for small businesses, by a small business

Firefly Digital Web Design is a web design company based in the North West of England near Manchester. We’ve got experience in designing, creating, maintaining and refreshing websites, and have recently launched in a specific effort to help small businesses get online more affordably. 

Many small businesses do not have the time or large budgets for a website. This often leads them down a path of either having no website at all, being over charged or having a poor experience trying to cost cut. 


Firefly Digital UK is proud to be a UK Small Business – we’re all about helping other small businesses with their digital challenges. We’re massive on the good old-fashioned values, too:

  • Offering exceptional services

  • Staying on-time and in-budget

  • Delivering first-class customer service

  • Simple Solutions

  • Fantastic value for money

  • No hidden extras

Whether you’re looking for a smart and simple business website to simply advertise your services, or a responsive e-commerce website with a whole range of bespoke features, we’ve got you covered. We mainly use the Wix website builder with enhanced features to build our websites however are highly skilled in all popular website design technologies.

We’ll help you identify your core aims behind a website, what you need from your website and then work with you to get the results your business needs. Whether that’s increased exposure, better search engine rankings or more sales, Firefly Digital UK are primed and ready to help. 

Is a website really that important?

In a word… YES.

The time when people stop searching for a business in the Yellow Pages or on their local high street is fast approaching. These days, people reach for their phones, tablets or laptops when searching for a product or service. Put simply, a good (or bad) website could make or break your business. Get it right, however, and you could…

  • Give potential customers the right first impression

  • Receive more, relevant enquiries

  • Increase sales, boosting revenue

  • Build trust and credibility with potential customers

  • Sell and have access to your customers 24/7, 365

  • Increase your firm’s geographical reach

  • Help build or reinforce your brand

  • Gain an advantage over your competitors


Modern And Responsive Websites. Built to be Beautiful on Every Device.

More and more people are browsing the Internet on Mobile Devices in 2021, In Fact 55% of Online Users use a Mobile Device or Tablet. That is why it is CRUCIAL that your website performs well on all devices. All Firefly Digital Websites are optimised to look Beautiful on All Common Devices.  

Responsive Website on All devices
Presentation Scheduled

Integrates Easily with Industry-Leading Software

Our Websites Integrate Easily With Google Drive, Printify, Online Booking Systems, Payment Providers and More. This Allow s Your Site To Be As Effective And Useful As Possible For Your Customers. This Also Makes It Much eaiser for you as a business owner to manage your website, make bookings and take online payments with ease. 

Our web designs are built to integrate with leading solutions

Easy-to-Read Reports

Our sites come with built in reporting that you can view and analyse to see things like:

  • Most Popular Product

  • Most Popular Service

  • How Many Visitors Your Site Is Getting

And Much More!

Statistics and Reporting for Firefly Digital Websites

Hear It from Our Customers


"It was a pleasure working with Firefly Digital UK. Would recommend to anyone"

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With the Right Website, Everything Is Possible

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