Dylan Cunliffe

10 years professional experience in the IT Industry

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Dylan Cunliffe

The Story

In the early days of Firefly Digital, I found myself at the intersection of passion, technology, and a burning desire to build something meaningful. This journey began with me, Dylan, a budding entrepreneur eager to not only shape my own destiny but to illuminate the path for fellow small businesses navigating the often complex world of the digital landscape.

I began to identify a real lack of genuine partnership for small businesses in the realm of website development and digital strategy. Too often, these businesses were being exploited, taken advantage of, or left to fend for themselves in a vast and impersonal digital pond.

At Firefly Digital, we are different. We're not a faceless corporate entity obsessed with profit margins. No, we're a small business, just like yours. This distinction allows us to empathise with the unique challenges faced by small enterprises and design products and services that genuinely address those needs.

Our mission is clear: to help businesses like yours achieve their aspirations. Whether you're aiming to boost brand exposure, attract new customers, increase sales, or simply maintain momentum, we're here to be the reliable partner you need.​

The pride we take in our achievements is not just about numbers; it's about the partnerships we've forged with small businesses across the UK and beyond. Achieving partner status with WIX is a testament to our expertise and dedication to excellence in the digital space.​

Behind the scenes, although we may appear as a larger agency, we're still a tight-knit team with a shared passion for supporting small businesses. Every trust you place in our services has a real and tangible impact on us. Currently, it's helping us save for our first home, turning your business growth into a shared journey toward personal and professional milestones.

At Firefly Digital, your success is not just a goal; it's a story we're writing together. Every website we optimise, every strategy we implement, and every goal we help you achieve is a step towards mutual success and growth. So, here's to brightening the path for small businesses – one digital spark at a time.​