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The Story of Firefly Digital UK and how we started.Image by Austin Chan

Hi! My name is Dylan, I started Firefly Digital in 2021 with the aim of helping small businesses grow by introducing a website. Many small businesses struggle to get online and think it is out of their price range, with the average cost of a website anywhere between £500 and £5000 - that is understandable. 

I started Firefly Digital to make getting online more affordable. Starting at just £199, we work with each small business to understand their services and build a website that can truly help. 

Within the first month, i was able to help out a number of small businesses including the UK's most popular glamping site,

Especially after the events of 2020, a website is more important than ever. Allowing small businesses to show off their services 24/7, take online bookings, sell their products online and much much more!

Take a look at some numbers

5.9 million small businesses


Small Businesses and counting

99% of businesses are small businesses


Of Businesses are Small Businesses

85% of customers look online first for a website


Of Customers Look Online First For a Service

160 Million websites built with our CMS providers tools (Wix)


Websites built with our CMS Provider

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