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Frequently asked questions

How do you make your websites?

We are part of the Wix Partner Program, all of our sites are based on their CMS. We then use our knowledge and expertise to bring each site into its own, with advanced editing and configuration and other customisations.

Can I take payment on my website?

Yes! We have a number of hosting plans available from just £13 per month + set up fee. You can take online payments with our Business Basic plan which has a monthly subsciption fee of £20. Please note, as with all online payment processing systems there is a small fee. In this case, any payments you take via your website will be subject to a 1.7% fee plus 20p. You can take 100% payment via your website for bookings or just take a small deposit and have the remaining balance paid in person

Can customers book appointments via my website?

Yes! We can design your website with an integrated booking system. This will allow you, and your customers, to book a service online any time they like. You can take payment for the booking or just take a small deposit. Customers can then manage their booking on the website or via the app (each of our websites comes with an app). You can also send reminders for bookings via email or text message to reduce no shows!

How much do your sites cost?

Our design and set up fees start at £99 depending on what kind of website you would like and what you would like it to do. There is then a monthly hosting charge to keep the website live and to cover services like online payments, booking systems and more. This monthly charge ranges from £13 per month up to £30 per month depending on the services you require. Our most popular subscription which inlcudes an Online Booking System is £20 per month.

Can I add Business Email to my Plan?

Yes! From just £5 per month extra you can replace your or any other personal email address with This improves your brand image and makes your business look even more professional!